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Acquisation of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship Law numbered 5901, indicates the procedures regarding the regulation of principles relating to the acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship and the implementation of citizenship services. Turkish citizenship can be acquired both by birth or after birth. This article covers one of the alternatives in which Turkish citizenship is acquired after birth, namely through investment/buying a certain type of property.

I. Legal Infrastructure

Turkish Citizenship by investment program has been introduced by the government very recently on 12th January 2017. Within the scheme, Turkish Government now grants citizenship to foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey worth at least $1 million under the condition that the property is not sold for at least 3 years. By purchasing a property of valued minimum $1m USD in any part of Turkey, a foreign investor will be able to get Turkish Citizenship for himself and the family

ıı. Reecent Enactment on 2017

According to the "Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law", the foreigners who fulfil certain criterias as laid down by the new law able to apply and

obtain Turkish Citizenship in accordance with the clause (b) of the first paragraph of Article 12 of the citizenship law.

III. Conditions

The conditions below shall be met in order to obtain Turkish Citizenship:

❖ Purchasing an immovable property at least $1.000.000 USD with a title deed restriction of not to sell for 3 years. (The investment must be confirmed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization) or,

❖ Investment of at least $2.000.000 USD to a fixed capital investment. (The investment must be confirmed by Ministry of Economy) or,

❖ Investment of at least $3.000.000 USD in a bank operating in Turkey with a condition of not to withdraw for at least three years. (The investment must be confirmed by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) or,

❖ Holding of government bonds for at least $3.000.000 USD with a condition of not to sell three years. (It must be confirmed by the Undersecretariat of Treasury)

Therefore it will now be possible for international investors to obtain Turkish Citizenship with a single and direct investment of $1m USD to a property in Turkey.

IV. Application Process

The following documents are to be included in the application;

• The petition form which contains the request;

• A passport or a similar document that confirms the applicant’s citizenship;

• A document regarding the applicants marital status;

• A birth certificate that confirms the identity information of applicant or any other document containing the applicants identity information;

• If the applicant has a first or second degree of relatives who are Turkish Citizens, copies of their birth registration records shall be obtained from relevant authorities;

• A receipt confirming that the application fee has been paid to the Turkish Authorities

V. Conclusion

A completed file shall be sent to the Ministry for a decision. Following the examination of the file, the Ministry may request the applicant to complete the file if there is a missing document.

For foreigners acquiring Turkish citizenship, they must provide their existing citizenship certificates and passports provided from foreign authorities submit them during the application. They must be translated in Turkish and notarized. If it is necessary, convenience to original permit of residence can be confirmed by provincial directorates, also.

The local committees created each province shall determine the application whether the foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship have met the necessary conditions under the Regulation.

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