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We assist our clients regarding the establishment of any types of companies, private partnerships, joint ventures, liaison offices and branch offices.

We act on the full spectrum of M&A transactions (both on the buyer and seller side) and have extensive experience in corporate restructuring, private equity and investment fund transactions, demergers and liquidations.

We provide legal assistance for addressing the potential investment roots and structures, perform legal due diligences for the potential investments and draw up, review and negotiate any type of acquisition or investment contracts and legal documents at the investment phase.

We follow up on day to day practices of companies such as conveninig general assemblies and preperation of board of directors' resolutions and offer general company law advises and also counsel our clients on the legal, administrative and regulatory issues that arise during daily operations.

We provide startups in various stages customized and hands-on legal advice and support. Our clients range from startups in the early developing stages to companies that have been publicly traded and sold or merged with other corporations.

Enterprise Set-Ups, Start-Up Business, Daily Corporate Works, Corporate & Commercial Counseling, Contracts, Mergers & Acquisations, Cross-Border Transactions, Venture Capitals & Private Equities, Angel Investments, Negotiable Instruments, Due Diligences, Corporate Maintenance Services, Public-Private Projects, Foreign Investments, Enterpreneur Consulting

Business Law
Information Technology Law


Television, Production, Broadcasting Rights, Merchandising, Digital Rights, Cable Networks, Internet & Technology Development, Publishing & Licensing Transactions, Celebrity Endorsement, Technological Innovations, E-Signature, Cyber Securities, Data Protection, Intellectual Property Rights, Unfair Competition, Domain Names, Trademark Disputes

We represent entertainment, media and advertising clients and other content providers who produce, license, acquire, use and invest in film, television, music and digital content for worldwide distribution. We also represent celebrities and entertainers in connection with a wide variety of legal matters, including endorsement and sponsorship deals. We help clients solve problems to minimize the risk of costly litigation and to offer solutions arising from newly created technologies.


We particularly provide legal assistance to advertising and media investment agencies in drafting and negotiating advertising, media buying and planning, production licensing contracts, social media management, digital performance marketing and advertising services contracts.


We advise our clients, ranging from giants of the e-commerce sector through to start-ups, on a wide range of e-commerce issues such as membership, user and subscriber agreements, privacy & data protection policies and other respected policies for their websites, internet and content regulations.


We assist our clients in drafting thier privacy policy and terms of service. We also advise on the best practices for protecting the privacy of website visitors. 

We provide legal services in relation to acts of unfair competition concerning domain names, e-commerce and disputes on intellectual property rights infringements and violations of personal rights on the web. We duly keeps track of technological innovations and advises our clients accordingly.


We provide legal advice on all aspects of natural gas market, electricity market, coal & other mineral extractions and licenses, all renewable and clean energy technologies including: wind, solar energy and geothermal energy.

We represent energy companies in their power plant investments in structuring their joint ventures, consortiums and special purpose vehicles for energy projectsor partnerships with international/local companies (renewable power projects, thermal power projects, geothermal power projects etc).

We assist our clients with matters of project development and financing and also our legal consultancy with respect to energy law covers the processes of expropriation and privatization processes

We provide support to our clients on all legal aspects of a construction project, from the initial drafting of the contracts, to post-construction deals and dispute resolution. We assist for drafting contracts for planning, design, engineering, program, project and construction management and we provide services for preparation of bidding documents, sales and leasing procedures and any and all related subjects in relation with constructions including zoning, financing and securitization details.

EPC Contracting, Subcontracting, Joint Ventures & Consortiums, Privatizations, PPP Projects, Renewable & Solar Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas Projects, Permitting & Licensing, Regulatory & Compliance Issues, Project Finance, Sustainability, Enviromental Issues

Energy & Construction Law


We represent clients effectively in various cases and advise them on choosing the most adequate method in order to find the best business solution, such as arbitration or litigation as well as other possible methods such as mediation.


We represent clients in all types of civil cases, including unfair competition cases, real estate disputes, shareholding disputes, bankruptcy and execution proceedings and also labor law cases.

We advise both employee and employer clients regarding all aspects of labour law including negotiation and drafting of employment contracts, advising and representing on immigration, loyalty, confidentiality and non-compete obligations, liability for workplace accidents, recourse claims,  severance premium and termination compensation claims.

We represent companies as well as natural person clients in all forms of enforcement proceedings. We provide legal services and draft terms of payments related to, among others, negative declaratory and replevin actions, and annulment actions that arise out of enforcement proceedings against clients. We prepare requests and filings for the purposes of collection of receivables such as seizure, pledge, proceedings related to foreclosure, compulsory sale, auction, termination of the tender. 

Besides, we consult our client companies in regard to company debts in terms of finances and the business plans and also represents client companies in cases related to suspension of bankruptcy and prepare recovery projects accordingly.

Litigation, Debt Collection, Enforcement, Bankruptcy, Arbitration, Mediation, Administrative & Criminal Cases, Property Rights, Real Estate, Shareholding Disputes, Unfair Competition, Tax Issues, Labor Cases, Employment Contracts, Medical Law, Patient Rights, Malpractise, Immigration

Dispute Resolution
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